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Enjoy the tales created by the students!

Ayla's Thankful book

Ayla's Thankful book

By: Ayla Fineran


Tristan's Turkey

By: Tristan

Makai's I'm...

Makai's I'm Thankful for

By: Makai Prothro

Carson's thankful...

Carson's thankful book

By: Carson Woebke

Josiah's Thankful...

Josiah's Thankful book

By: Josiah Conner

Claire's I'm...

Claire's I'm Thankful for

By: Claire Behrens

Laynie's thankful...

Laynie's thankful book

By: Laynie Gawley


Andrew's Turkey

By: Andrew


Kennedy's Thankful book

By: Kennedy Eischeid

Regan's I'm...

Regan's I'm Thankful Tale

By: Regan Grau

Olivia's I'm...

Olivia's I'm thankful for

By: Olivia Robinson

All tales displayed on the class page have been moderated by the teacher.