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This email is to inform you that your child’s teacher has created a Little Bird Tales Family account and transferred your child’s schoolwork to it for your review.

To review your child’s work, please go to, and sign in using the email address this was sent to, and the password: “password!”. Then click the “My Tales” and “My Lessons” buttons on your homepage to review your child’s work.

The Family account is free for 7 days. There is no obligation to use this account, but if you wish to keep your child’s stories or lessons, you must act before they are removed permanently (90 days). You can do this by downloading and MP4 or by subscribing to Little Bird Tales for only $9.99 annually.

Little Bird Tales also offers a free iOS app that is compatible with the website, and allows you to create tales with pictures, drawings, audio and text anywhere your travels take you.

To purchase an MP4 of your child's work, just playback the tale you want to purchase and click the "Buy This Tale" button to the right ($0.99). If you decide to save your child’s work by subscribing to a Premium Family Account, be sure to do so before their work is deleted.

Thank you

Your Friends at Little Bird Tales

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